Elements of 3 Primary Materials in Porcelain Tableware (3)

Elements of 3 Primary Materials in Porcelain Tableware (3)

Decorative Raw Materials For Ceramic Tableware

Decorating ceramic tableware makes it beautiful and appealing to the eyes. The decorative process involves carving and cutting, then painting with desired colors. There are different processes used in decorating ceramic tableware and they include colored painting decoration, body decoration and so on.

Types Of Decoration For Ceramic Tableware

Body Decoration

The body decoration of ceramic tableware involves carving, sticking and cutting on the outer covering of the tableware. So many materials could be used for the decoration and they range around things like printing or engraving

Glazing Decoration

This covers the aspect of applying glazes to the green body of the ceramic tableware and it is done after firing. Glazing decoration helps the ceramic in different ways which include giving it an artistic effect and making it more beautiful.

Painting Decoration

In this type of decoration, painting materials are used for the green body. The painting makes the ceramic tableware look more beautiful and artistic. It gives it a definition and makes it more pronounced. Under the painting category, we have:

· over-glaze painting: For over-glazing, pigments to be used for the decoration are usually pasted on the product and then baked at a very high temperature. The firing for over-glazing is done twice.

· glaze painting: This is the type of painting that makes a  ceramic feel like a mirror. It also makes it resistant to rust and corrosion.

· under-glaze painting: The under-glaze type of painting makes use of a high temperature firing with a transparent-like glaze applied to the surface of the ceramic. This particular type of painting decoration is the cheapest amongst the three and this is because the paper and ceramic are not fired differently.

There are so many decorated tablewares and each depends on the one you want.

Why Decorate Tableware?

People who buy tableware often will surely have white tableware and plain colored in their collection. They also don't want to miss out on the decorative type. This doesn't mean the white and plain colored ceramic tableware are not good enough but one may like to try out new things.

Ceramic tableware is decorated for a lot of purposes, which includes giving it an artistic definition. Decorations give it a beautiful appearance, alongside making it appealing. In this way, it tends to make one eat more. The ceramics so decorated give the table a lovely appearance. You can try that out!

In conclusion, before applying decorations on ceramic tableware, you need to understand the product perfectly and know the characteristics.

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