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" What I appreciate most about City Tableware is their attitude to the details.
Each of them seems to be pursuing perfection. I have visited the factory of City Tableware many times. They are very busy and the business is very good.
Every time I go to China, I always sit in their factory. What I value most is quality. Whether it's my cargos or what they produce for other customers, the quality all is good so that the strength of this factory can be reflected.
So every time I have to go to their production line to see the quality of the products they produce, I am very happy that over the years, their quality is still so good, and for different markets, their control over quality also follows the market changes. "

--By Manuela D Gerber, Germany

Are you considering buying porcelain tableware for your new store?
Are you considering replacing a batch of better quality but lower price porcelain tableware?
Are you looking for the most cost-effective porcelain tableware supplier?
Are you unable to accept the high price of local suppliers?
Do you want someone responsible and professional to take care of everything and let you sit back and wait for delivery?

If you are running a restaurant or hotel, you want to reduce the operating cost as much as possible while ensuring the quality, and you also want to purchase a batch of cost-effective and durable porcelain tableware.

Eurohome porcelain is a professional supplier of porcelain tableware. We have cooperated with the Sheraton Hotel, Air New Zealand and many companies. We have certificates that can prove the quality of our products, such as SGS, CE, EU, FDA, LFGB, CA65, RUSH. Our products and services have also been optimized and improved for restaurant and hotel customers.

For example, when using our plates to cut steak, don't worry about the steak knife cutting the plate or leaving a scratch.
And don't worry about the blackness or unsightly tableware after using it for a long time. Our products still have good luster and appearance.
For example, when we use the dishwasher to clean our porcelain dishes, we don't have to worry about damage or breakage.
For another example, because of our excellent product design and structured design, our products can be stacked together, improving the space utilization rate by more than 36%.

We also shot an interesting video to show the durability of our products. Although it is a bit exaggerated, we just want to show that compared with many peers, our products are of good quality.

As for logistics service, we offer many ways, such as EXW/FOB/CIF and door to door. If you are purchasing from China for the first time, you don't need to worry about the damage during the transportation of the products. We provide pallets, wooden frames, lamination, 5-layer cartons, inner and outer packaging boxes, and other packaging methods to ensure that the goods can reach you in good condition., inner and outer packaging boxes and other packaging methods to ensure that the goods can reach you in good condition.

If you are considering cooperation but are worried about the quality of our products, we can provide free samples for your confirmation.

Our team has served many customers, so let us help you solve all the purchasing problems. Don't hesitate to contact us today.

"I am surprise to received such good quality product. Fannie is very kind and professional sales who help me a lot in purchasing. Thank you!"

John K Rennie,  United States

" Good quality product surpassed my expectation.Thanks City Tableware warm service,I think we will have many opportunity in the future! "

James M Morris,  New Zealand

" The goods looks nice! Customer Service is extremely friendly and helpful. "

Emma  Moresby,  Germany